Substitutions. One word substitutions.

  1. One who is shy, timid and unwilling to face a situation = Hesitant
  2. The most capable part of the group, town or place = Elite
  3. One who is simply and easily deceived= Gullible
  4. A list of things to be discussed at a meeting =Agenda
  5. Too much official government formality = Red tapism
  6. A person/ nation engaged in war =Belligerent
  7. A person who always wants to fight =  Bellicose
  8. An exaggerated statement  = Hyperbole
  9. A person who looks at the dark side of life = Pessimist
  10. A person who looks at the bright side of life = Optimist

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults: A Self-Study Guide to Improve Functional Writing.

Regardless of your level of English, this is the perfect book that EVERY ESL student should read from cover to cover. If you want to master English writing, Michael covers everything you need. Each chapter finishes with a short quiz to make sure the reader has mastered the subject―pure gold. This book should be on everyone’s bookshelf.
Here is the link of the book.

The engaging, self-guided way to learn how to write better in English

Mastering English grammar can be a real challenge. But, with a little practice and patience, you can discover how to communicate better through self-study in your spare time. The English Grammar Workbook for Adults is here to help improve your writing fluency so you can gain confidence while crafting emails, cover letters, conducting daily business, and personal correspondence.

No matter your current skill level, this English grammar workbook has everything you need to learn essential elements, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, tenses, and beyond. Then, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to everyday situations you could encounter at school, at work, social situations, creative writing, online, and more.

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults features:

  • Fun & functional―This clear, concise book is essential for ESL/EFL and other grammar students who want to work on writing English.
  • Situational success―Get expert tips on how grammar applies to real-world scenarios.
  • Easy to use―Find quick answers to your English grammar questions using text boxes and the expanded index in the back of the book.
  • This book teaches you everything you need to garner more respect at work, achieve more academically, and even communicate more confidently in personal letters and texts. Native and non-natives alike should use this book before hitting send!
Michael's taken 25 years of teaching experience and skillfully condensed his most practical explanations about English grammar into an easy-to-use reference guide with simple to understand concepts and real-world examples that learners can immediately apply in their writing. The workbook is a great refresher for intermediate to advanced students who want to clear up any lingering doubts about essential grammar points.” 
This self-study guide can help you improve your English conversation and writing skills. This book has everything you need to learn essential elements, including nouns, verbs, tenses, and beyond. Then, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to everyday situations.

Also available is ESL Games For The Classroom, which is Michael's book for ESL teachers. This handy book contains 101 interactive activities to engage your students with minimal preparation time. This book makes it easy to motivate your students to learn English.

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