One- word substitutions

  •  A traitor who can sell out even his fried = Judas
  • Exclusive control or possession of any one thing= Monopoly
  • A medley or heterogeneous mixture of great variety = Potpourri
  • A language of  a region  having its own usage =  Dialect
  • An airplane with one pair of wings = Monoplane
  • A loud mouthed turbulent kind of woman = Virago
  • An embarassing  kind of mistake =A faux pas
  • One who is interested in the welfare of other people =Altruist
  • To relax in the countryside far away from the humdrum of town - Rusticate
  • A tendency to put off events/postpone events =Procrastinate
  • One who gets pleasure on others' trouble and pain = Sadistic
  • One who looks at everything from a personal point of view = Egocentric 

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