Greeting in situation

How wold you greet in following situation?
ans-  (1) You  unexpectedly meet a friend in the drug store. You haven't seen each other  for at a couple of months.
    A:Hey,'s it going?
    B:Oh, Dinesh. Ok. How's re you doing?long time no see.
    A:Yeah, I haven't met you since I lleft Biratnagar. I'm now engage in this store.
    B: So am I.
    A: I hope we will get together on saturday. Take it easy.
    B:You, too.
    (2) A student meets his/her professor on the way to the  library one afternoon.
      S:Good afternoon, sir. How are you?
      T:Good afternoon, I'm fine. How are you?
      S:Uhmm----, it is well , sir.
      T:See you later. Bye.
      S:Bye sir.

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