What is greeting?Collect its  exponents or examples.
ans:-Greeting is a very common socializing function.When we greet somebody we welcome him saying 'Hello' 'Hey','Hi', 'How are you?' 'Good morning' etc.Greeting is first utterance of people when they start to talk.The selection of exponents to greet people may differ according to the linguistic competence,degree of formality and time.For e.g."good morning'is used for the morning,'Good afternoon' after mid day and "Good night"is used for bed time.The exponents used to express greeting are as follows:

  • Hi, Ram. How's it going?
  • Hey, Hari. How are you doing?
  • Hello, Sita.How are things with you?
  • Good morning,Mr.Karan.
  • Good afternoon.
  • Good night.
  • Hello,Gita. How are  you?etc    
            When someone greets us we generally respond in the following ways:
  • Ok. How about you?
  • Fine thanks.And how are you doing?
  • So So.And how are you?
  • Not bad and you?
  • I'm fine thank you etc.                        

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