Argumentative/ Expository Paragraph

     An argumentative paragraph explains the saying or exposition. The writer of the paragraph  should try to give his/her thought to the readers in order to establish the truth of the saying. the writer tries to make others his/her saying. The sayings are suitable topics for these types of the paragraphs: For example;
     "Ruskin called books 'Kings' Treasuries.Books are, indeed,the richest possession of mankind. The world would be barren without books. Life would lose half of its charm if books were banished from the world. Books are the friends of the friendless. 'Perhaps no other thing has such power to lift the poor out of his poverty, the wretched out of his misery, to make the burden bearer forget his burden, the sick his suffering, the sorrow his grief,  the down- trodden his degeradation, as books. They are friends to the lonely, companions to the deserted, joy to the joyless, good cheer to the disheartened, a helper to the helpless and a consoler to the afflicted. They bring light into the darkness and sunshine into shadow"
    The paragraph above exposits or argues why and to what extent books are friends of everyone. In this kind of writing, the writer tries to clarify his opinion by mentioning his arguments.

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