Reflective paragraaph

     Reflective Paragraph:- A reflective paragraph consists of reflections upon some topics, which are        generally of an abstract nature; such as habits, politics,discipline and so on. A reflective                      paragraph includes the experience of the writer on a particular topic. For example;
         Perseverance is,not because the very hinge of all virtues. We fail in our undertaking in the                   world, not because we have no strength of will and tenacity of spirit to carry our schemes.
        We sometimes waste our force on imaginary difficulties- difficulties which melt into the                        nothingness of a dream before dogged  perseverance. It has been well said :
         "Patience and perseverance will overcome mountains'. the smallest brook on the earth, by                   counting to run, has hollowed out for itself a considerable valley to flow in. Let us, therefore,              extol the virtue of perseverance. Without it all the rest are little better than fancy-gold, which
       glitters in your purse, but when taken to market proves to be slate or cinders".
              The paragraphs as such reflect the opinions of the writers upon some subjects.             

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