Narrative Paragraph

       A narrative paragraphs describes the historical event, stories, biographies and so on .
      The writer of the narrative paragraph narrates paragraph narrates the subject matter.
      It is, to some extent, reflective, too.For example:  
            "Only last year I witnessed what might have been a fatal accident. I was out for a stroll on the               Mall. At the cross roads near the General Post office I saw a car coming down, which swept                 round the corner of the road and crashed into another coming up. Happily no one was killed
              but several people sustained injuries. the driver was knocked senseless. The two cars were  
              completely wrecked. The policeman on point duty had raised his hand to stop one of those                    cars. But coming as it was at the speed of about eighty miles an hour the driver could not                   apply brakes in time"

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