Descriptive Paragraph

     Descriptive Paragraph :-
                         A descriptive paragraph describes places, objects/things such as countries, rivers,
                         towns, buildings: and so on and so forth. A descriptive paragraph  is an accurate
                         account of the subject matter which imparts the factual information. For example
                             "Protsmouth  is an industrial city on the sourthern coast of England. although
                              the largest proportion of the working population is employed in the naval
                              dockyards, there are many other  industries in the area . For examples, there
                               are clothing factories, manufactures of electrical components, light machine
                                industries and chemical industries. The naval dockyards have been in existence
                                 for five centuries, but most of the other industries have been established
                                 during the past 20 years"(Chaplen 1976).
                              The above paragraph is a simple and clear description of an industrial city
                         in England. The paragraphs explains the changes taken place during the past
                          20 years and why they have taken place as well.           

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