Taking Holistic History

 Unless you take a complete and around history of the patient, you won't be able to offer them the holistic treatment. Even those patients who are suffering from Psychological problems feel that their past experiences and personality factors don't have any relevance to their present complaints. Hence it goes without saying that patients with physical complaints will never attribute them to their past experiences and personality. Rarely patients themselves know that the particular disease is related to the past experience. But he may feel that it is a personal matter which needs to be disclosed to the doctor. It is of vital importance to spare some time and take the complete history of the patient which would also include his relationship with his family members and friends, parental teachings, his opinions about his parents, a brief life history and such other related spheres of life. Rather than asking straight forward questions which can be replied as yes or no formulate your questions in such a way so that the patient can give short descriptive answers. If you are very busy and hence unable to explore all the dimensions of the patient's life, you can spread the detailed history taking in two or three sittings.


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