At the end of the 20th century, stress and strain of day. to-day life have reached its highest peak. The Jet Race is in full swing. Mental tension, emotional ups and downs, fear, anger, nervousness, depressive feelings and other stressful situations have an alround effect on human beings. Such experiences influence one's mental apparatus, emotional life and physiological systems adversely Minor problems such as acidity, flatulence (gas in abdomen), headache, backpain, skin diseases and major problems as such high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, heartpain (Angina pectoris), peptic ulcer and so on can be caused or aggravated due to stress. For Holistic Health Care doctor's need to find out these stress factors and systematically guide the patient to relieve this stress for complete and long term recovery from the disease. Majority of the patients' suffering from psychosomatic diseases consult family physicians or other consultants. Psychiatrists are rarely approached for such psychosomatic diseases. In the majority of cases, stress factor is not taken into account while offering a particular treatment. Usually, doctors give symptomatic treatment for such diseases which do help them temporarily to relieve the symptom, but the stress factor continues to play its role, hence, no sooner the treatment is stopped, the symptom tends to recur.

Even when symptomatic treatment is continued for a long time, another rarely recognized phenomenon known as "Shift of Symptomatology" occurs. This means when you treat one particular symptom, stress influences other organs of the body and the symptoms are shifted. Doctors as well as patients think that this is a different disease but infact the root cause is the same unchecked stress factor. For Holistic

Health Care relieving the stress factor is very significant. It's the unfortunate common observation in the present Health System that the patient continues to suffer from one or another type of element for a long time. He may consult the doctor again and again or may keep on changing doctors without relieving his problems permanently. The burden on medical experts and resources can be greatly reduced if doctors identify the specific stress factors in each patient and suggest simple and practical methods of overcoming them. In this chapter practical tips are explained to relieve the stress factor.

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