Don't Discuss Serious Matters in Front of Patients

 In teaching Institutes some professors discuss the case in front of students. During such teaching sessions uneducated patients think that they are suffering from some serious disease. When they overhear some technical terms they become confused and frightened. So as far as possible don't discuss the details in front of the patient or at least assure the patient that his case is being discussed only for the purpose of teaching and that there is nothing to worry about.

The above nine points when adapted in day-to-day practice are beneficial in strengthening the doctor-patient relationship. First of all analyze your own behavior with the patient. If you're missing any of the points described in this chapter inculcate those missing attributes for building a good doctor-patient relationship and make conscious efforts in improving it. With some efforts everyone can adapt these primary steps for better doctor-patient relationship.

This is a sensitive area of medical practice because every patient is a unique individual. Therefore, you need to be open and observe all the patients and formulate such strategies which would augment the patient's confidence in you.

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