Don't criticize other doctors

 If your patient has consulted another doctor before you, and if you find that his diagnosis was not correct don't criticize the doctor in front of the patient. Some doctors in order to assert their superiority make adverse comments about other doctors. Some say wrong medicines were administered and they had harmful effects on the patient's body. Such comments for a professional colleague are not ethical nor do they benefit the patient. Hence it is advisable not to make such comments. Double Blind Research studies have also shown that a patient feels or reacts to medicines/ treatment as per his expectations. When you say that a particular medicine produces adverse effects, the patient starts expecting it.

More significantly, when we make such adverse comments for professional colleagues, the patient develops a wrong impression for the medical profession as a whole and may be one day the ball will be in your court. You cannot become superior by defaming someone else rather put efforts on improving your own abilities.

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