Don't Loose your temper

Anger is a self destroying emotion. Psychologists have described anger as a temporary insanity. At that spur of moment you become illogical and irrational. Therefore make it a rule that even in extreme situations you will Da loose your temper in front of the patient. You can certain be assertive. There is a difference between assertiveness and anger. If a patient is making disturbing comments or asking useless questions in an assertive manner you can certainly explain your point of view but when you become angry you loose touch with reality and hence you say things which may be irrelevant in that particular context. Even if you have personal or family problems, understand that this is your personal difficulty and you should not project your tensions on your patients in the form of anger. Your patients are like honored guests and you should behave with your patients as you behave with your guests. Moreover the patient gives you the fee for the time he has taken. Some senior do not care if patients go to another doctor. The question is not of monetary gain or loss. When you loose your temper the patient looses his faith in you, hence adversely affecting the healing process.



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