Keep Patience with Patients

 Every doctor comes across a patient who asks him several unnecessary and unwanted questions. For .e.g. Why have I developed this problem? How long will this problem continue? Should I take these medicine with water or milk?  Should I take these medicines before meals or after meals? Whether the disease would influence her children and so on Even if you think that some of the questions are irrelevant do reply them patiently. Understand that the patient is always impatient and the doctor should not loose his patience with such patients. You can tell the patient in a nice way that those questions were irrelevant and not to worry about all those matters. I will certainly tell you the points which are essential. But you need not worry too much. This will have an adverse effect on your health. Even when patient becomes suspicious or sceptical it is the duty of the doctor to do away with such negative personality traits.

In all our behavior there should not be any sign of impatience or hurry which can be perceived by the patient as a sign of negligence or lack of interest on our part. A doctor friend once took one of his relatives to a very famous surgeon The surgeon after finishing the consultation in a very rough tone said, "two hundred rupees. The patient as well as the doctor who accompanied him felt insulted. They felt that although it was the right of the surgeon to ask for fees, he should have asked them in a proper manner. If you are very busy you may ask your receptionist to collect the fees but never show rough and careless behavior. Your manners certainly play a significant role in improving or deteriorating doctor-patient relationship.

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