The topic sentence in two places

 Some paragraphs are found with the topic sentence, the controlling idea , in two places, usually at the beginning and at the end. In order to add clarity of our writing on a complex topic, the topic sentence is repeated at the end of the paragraph. It doesnot mean that the same sentence is repeated , only the' theme 'of  these two sentences must be same. for example:

      "The Youth Hostel Movement has, during the last half-century, contributed to international understanding and racial equality. One of the principles emboided in the constitution of the International Youth Hostel Federation is that in the hostels 'there shall be no distinction of race, nationality, colour,religion, class or political opinion'. In the youth hostel of the world, young men and women from different countries meet and make friends making no distinction between rich and poor, white and coloured, conservative and radical, young people from all parts of the world share their experiences in an atmosphere of informality and friendliness. In these hostels, equality and brotherhood are practised in a real sense and mutual understanding  and trust fostered"

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