Spatial /spacial order

 The word 'spacial' belongs to space. This is the order of presenting the material in the paragraph according to the position. When we follow spatial arrangement , we can arrange our material from near to far or from far to near, from outside to inside or from inside to outside, from more prominent to less prominent or from less prominent to more prominent. for example:

        "She led me into a cold  dark room, rough and very gloomy, although with two candles burning in it, though I marked that the window was open. That which I need was an old man, very stern and comely, with death upon his countenance; yet not lying in his bed, but set upright in a chair, with a lose red cloak thrown over him. Upon this his white hair fell, and his pale finger lay in a ghostly fashion, without a sign of life or movement, or of the power that kept him up, all rapid, calm, relentless. Only in his great black eyes, fixed upon me solemnly, all  the power of his body dwelt, all the life of his soul was burning"

       Here the author gazes at 'cold dark room', 'the candles', the windows. Then he watches'the man, his posture and his dress'. After that he cares'his hair and fingers', and finally his most striking eyes in which 'his soul was burning'. Then the author, regarding 'the man', in the centre, describes the peripheral elements of the room at the begining and gradually moves to the centre,'the man', and at last he reaches at the soul of the man. Therefore we can claim that he has followed from outside to inside order.

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