Expressing good wishes

Write various types of expressing good wishes.
ans- Good wishes expressed to second person.
         (1) We generally use following exponents to express wishes for the person who is with us.

  • Best of luck
  • Good luck 
  • I wish you luck
  • I'm sure that every thing will work out just fine.
  • I hope everything goes O.K. for you.
  • Let me wish happy married life.
  • Good for tune with you.
  • Have a good night etc.
  (2) Good wishes sent to third person 
            We generally use following exponents to send good wishes to the third person or the person who is not with us.
  • Please, give my kind regard to your brother.
  • Please, give my best wishes to Mina.
  • Give my love to your children
  • Say hello to Binay etc.

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