One-word substitutions. single words with powerful meaning. Single words for longer expression

  1. Words irrelevant to God - Blasphemy
  2. An excessive enthusiasm towards one's own health - Hypochondriac
  3. One who loves his/her religious faith - Bigot
  4. A connoisseur  for food and drink - Gourmet
  5. Not planned ahead of time - Impromptu
  6. Animals living in water - Aquatic
  7. Correct spelling - Orthography
  8. a dentist who specializes in the correction of teeth -Orthodontist
  9. Language very much used - Hackneyed
  10. Unable to pay one's debt- Insolvent
  11. A poem  of mourning-Elegy
  12. an unmarried man - Bachelor
  13. An unmarried woman- Spinster
  14. The state of not getting married- Celibacy
  15. A speech made at the beginning of a play- Prologue 

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