One word substitution. single words with powerful meaning.

  1. A speech made at the beginning of a play -  Prologue
  2. A  record of  one's  life  written  by  somebody  else - Biography
  3. A record of  one's life  written   by himself - autobiography
  4. A knife fixed at end of a gun- bayonet
  5. A woman whose husband is dead - widower 
  6. A man whose wife is dead - Widower
  7. A hater  of women- misogynist
  8. A woman who has more than one husband at a time -  Polyandrist
  9. The act of spying - Espionage
  10. Smuggling goods - Contraband
  11. Soldiers on foot- Infantry
  12. Soldiers on horse - Cavalry
  13. An instrument for measuring electric  current - Ammeter
  14. A book containing  information an all branches of knowledge - Encyclopedia
  15. Violating religious things - Sacrilege
  16. A ceremony where a person becomes a priest - Oridnation
  17. The right of self  government - Anarchy
  18. A government run by the people - Democracy
  19. A government by the rich - Aristocracy
  20. A government by the mobs - Mobocracy
  21. A  government  run by the bureaucrats - Bureaucracy
  22.  A  government by a few - Oligarchy
  23. The study of beautiful  handwriting - Calligraphy
  24. The study of  derivation of words - Etymology
  25. The  study of  insects- Entomology

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