One word substitution. single words with powerful meaning.

 The study of mountains - Orology

The study of languages - Philology

The study of speech sounds - Linguistics

The study of  birds - Ornithology

The study of mankind - Anthropology

An inscription on a tomb - Epitaph

The science of structure of  the human body - Anatomy

An examination of dead body - Post mortem

A dead body of an animal - Carcass

A dead body of man - Corpse

The science pf colors - Chromatics

Occurring after death - Posthumous

A very talkative person - Garrulous/ loquacious

A  place where dead bodies are kept for identification - Morgue

A place where dead bodies are buried - Cemetery

A cure for all diseases - Panacea

A place where dead bodies are kept - Mortuary

Free from infection - Immune

A medicine to counteract  poison - Antidote

A medicine which produces insensitivity- Anesthetic

A substance that destroys  germs - Antiseptic

A place for recreation and improving one's health- Resort

An institution for reforming young offenders - Reformatory

A place where orphans are housed - Orphanage

A place where money is made - Mint

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