Official Letters

Official letters are formal letters. They are written in standard and specified model. Most of the parts of the letters are normally required in the official letters. The letters written from:

   - an office/organization to another

   -  an office/ organization to a person and 

   - a person to an office / organization

 The letters that deal with the acquisition, acceptance, rejection or confirmation of a job and so on are called the letters of employment. The following letters fall under this category:

letters of application for a job,

  • letters of appointment,
  • letters of acceptance,
  • letters of refusal,
  • letters of resignation and thank-you letter.
Letters of application for a job

We have to write the letter of application when we need a job. The letters written for a job are formal and official but the letters of application for a job are different from those of other common official or formal letters. For example, the following parts are common in the letters of application for a job:

  • the heading,
  • the superscription,
  • the salutation,
  • the body,
  • the ending,
  • the  subscription,
  • the signature of the applicant and the enclosures.
     In every application, we have to write about our education, present and previous employment, i.e. experience and references. Nowaadays C.V. is necessary while writing a letter of application.

   We have to maintain the following qualities of letters while writing the letters of application for a job.

 a) polite, readable, clear, correct and to the point language,

 b) normal length (not more than a page)

 c) no boastful proclamations and self-praising sense and 

 d) sense of having self-confidence.

 While writing the first sentence of the first paragraph, the following kinds of sentences are common ones:

a) I am writing to apply for the position of section officer advertised-------

b) I wish to apply for the post of section officer in your office------

c) With reference to your advertisement published in The Rising Nepal, Dated 10th June 2001, for the post of section-----

d) I wish to offer myself as a candidate for the post of section officer advertised in the Rising  Nepal----

e) I saw your advertisement in The Kathmandu post stating that you are looking  for a 

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