Offering Holistic Treatment

The awareness for offering Holistic treatment is needed before a student gets admission in the Medical College. If a student has the motive to serve the society this purpose can be fulfilled.

WHO Expert Committee on the Role of Hospitals at the First referral Level, WHO Technical Report Series No. 744 1987: Health Care managers are usually more concerned with managing the existing hospital facilities adequately than with running the whole health system. In some countries, before admission to a medical or para-medical courses students having a service motive were selected but it was found that after sometime the service motive became secondary to financial benefits. Hence, during medical studies, further lessons for developing and maintaining the thought of service and orientation towards Holistic Health Care must be given. This would change the present scenario. As Janet Quinn critically mentioned:- 'Modern Health Care System does not include or even allow for the practice or healing arts'.

Healing consciousness amongst the health practitioner is essential if we indeed want to develop holistic approach within the health profession. In this connection Paul Blythe says: 'It is essential that practitioners develop a healing consciousness of patient's care is to be moved from disease management to the healing of the whole person.

Secondly, the approach towards the patients need is a radical transformation. As soon as the patient enters in your chamber your consciousness should approach the whole person

Inner Tranquility: As J. Horwood of Australia says: "Healing depends on the quality of the healer and it is in stillness that both doctor and patient begin to experience this beingness. Medical practitioners continuously transfer their mental vibrations to their patients. If you are under tension experiencing conflicts or anger you will transfer those specific vibrations to your patients. Hence, the maxim Doctor heals thyself is relevant in this connection. Regular practice of positive thinking, relaxation and meditation are essential if a doctor desires to emerge as a Holistic Healer. This vital role of meditation is also accepted by many psychiatrists. Late Dr.Ainslie Meares, a psychiatrist, from Melbourne was convinced about the healing powers of meditation. He practiced meditation before conducting classes and hence was able to communicate the peace to others

Paramedical personnel too need the similar consciousness. As Margaret Martin from New Zealand has experienced:- 'Many nurses speak of their awareness of the spark or spirit within their patients and they respond to patients in such a way that they bring this spirit to life again

The treatment strategies of each patient need to include a correction or change in the patient's life-style, behaviour, attitudes, emotions and so on. doctors need to give proper suggestions, teach some methods To achieve this objective or refer to the appropriate person who can take care of these

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