Learn to listen carefully

 A doctor friend once told me that one of his friends who visited several psychiatrists felt that they neither listened to his problems nor understood them properly and hence the possibility of the right diagnosis and treatment is negligible Many patients leave a doctors chamber with a similar feeling This is not only true for physicians and surgeons but these days even psychiatrists do not listen attentively to a patients complain. Psychiatrist have also become mechanical in their approach.

These days most patients face tensions, emotional problems and other difficulties in their personal family and social life. Therefore, in order to render Holistic Treatment it is essential that not only psychiatrists but other specialist doctors and family physicians should also have a listening attitude. When one attentively listens to the patients entire problem, the information helps one in the final diagnosis. The patient also develops faith in the doctor that he has understood fully my problem and therefore the treatment he will give me will be the right one. It has often been seen that two doctors have given the same medicine to the same patient but there is a significant difference in the results of these medicines. One of the important factor is the patients faith in the doctor. If the patient thinks that the right kind of medicine is given by the doctor it will have a better effect.

At times when you are very busy and you don't have time to listen to a patients problem, instead of avoiding him say, "today, I am busy but the in the next appointment I will spare sufficient time to understand all your related problems." It has been found that over 50% of patients visiting their family physician or any other branch of medicine have some emotional or psychological problems. For offering holistic health care doctors need to recognize his problems and give appropriate suggestions to relieve the difficulties.

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