Explain the disease properly

Many doctors on examining the patient prescribe some medicines right away and handover the prescription paper. This is an erroneous approach in treating patients Holistically. After examination do explain your findings to the patient in simple words which your patient can understand. If possible draw simple figures or keep some ready pictures to explain them. If you explain properly the nature of the disease and how your medicines are going to help them, the patients start expecting those beneficial effects and that can have tremendous positive influence in overcoming the disease. If you have given three different types of medicines and also explain the effects of each medicine as well as the side "This medicine has such and beneficial effects but very rarely such a side effect may occur effects by saying worry, even if you observe such an effect, take this particular step." For .e.g. When prescribing an antidepressant don't which may cause dryness in the mouth, always explain to my patient that this medicine will make you feel much better. You will develop interest in your life, You will develop positive attitude but very rarely some patients develop dryness in the mouth. Incase this happens don't worry. Drink lots of water. This kind of advice prepares a patient for a some side effect if any. Sujata who had consulted me for her depressive feeling told me on the second visit, "Doctor, I am very happy. Your medicine had the exact effect that you had explained me. I had a very good positive attitude but 1 felt some dryness in the mouth and as per your advice I drank lot of water."


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