Some Practical Hints To Write Precis

  1. Follow the five R techniques.
  2. Try to maintain leading thoughts, unity, coherence,clarity brevity, accuracy and completeness.
  3. Make the precis simple, direct, natural and idiomatic.
  4. Use indirect speech.
  5. Reduce the length of time adverbs and place adverbs.
  6. Remove phrases and use words for them.
  7. Replace nouns by pronouns.
  8. Remove repetitions and unnecessary illustrations.
  9. Compress figures of speech into literal expressions.
  10. Don't include own opinions.
  11. If necessary , remove adverbs and adjectives.
  12. Use single word for group of words.
  13. Use your own words.
  14. Limit the length.
  15. Give the title or heading at the top.

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