One word substitutions. One word substitution in english

 Deviation or departure from a common rule or standard = Anomaly

Elderly woman in charge of a girl on social occasions = Chaperon

Land surrounded by water as to be almost be an island = Peninsula

A group of islands lying together = Archipelago

A place adjoining a kitchen, for merely washing dishes =Scullery

Causing or tending to cause sleep = Soporific

An aythoritative decree or law of the government = Ordinance

The manner of operating or proceeding = Modus operandi

A full-sized model of a complete or partial human figure = Mannequin

A phrase or serntence that is comical or nonsensical because the speaker used a wrong word that sounded something like a right word = Malapropos

A plan for or the route to be followed on a journey = Itinerary

A time between periods or events = Interim

Originating or occuring naturally in the place or country where found = Indigenous

A swiftly changing scene or pattern = Kaleidoscope

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