Letters of claims and adjustments

When mistakes are commited by the firms or business institutions, the customers collect the mistakes and write the letters of claims or complaints. We should bear the following points in mind while writing the letters of the complaints or claims.

  • careful and tactful explanation of the mistake,
  • identification and description of the claims,
  • identification of loss and inconveniences caused,
  • reasonable steps  that the company  should take for making up the loss,
  • avoidance of accusation , threats and anger and polite language of  the letter. 
   Letters  for adjustment are written in response to the customer who is dissatisfied with  merchandise, service and general efficiency. Letters for adjustments are the remedial steps for the mistakes commited .
Diplomacy, apt reply, understanding of the problem,courteous treatment and conciliatory decision are the basic  requirements to prepare the letter for adjustments. The following points should be borne in the mind while writing the letters for adjustments:
  • Heartily thank the customer for writing.
  • Give clear impression you have understood the problem.
  • Give clear logic or explanation for your reason about the loss.
  • Give clear- cut decision
  • .Leave the door always open for betterment
  • Use clearly polite language
   Look  at the following examples of the letters of claims and adjustments:
  Letter of claims:
                                Rajendra and Brothers suppliers
                                      Biratnagar, Morang
                                                                                                                                4May 2000.
 Mr. R.P. Sharma,
 Pashupati Wears,
 New Road, Kathmandu.
  Dear Mr. Sharma,
                                  I have just received the cargo of 400 woolen coats according to my order made in September for my winter sale, and this was two months delayed.
   We have done good business together until now, but unfortunately much inconvenience has occured this time.
   Therefore, i would be grateful if you could consider my request in time by replacing these heavy winter coats with light spring ones so that it will not affect my bussiness.
I would appreciate you for handling my claim reasonably within two weeks. I also hope this will not happen again and look forward to getting your usual effective service to boost up business relation.
                                                                                                                           Sincerely yours, 
                                                                                                                                Sharda baral


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