Grammatical cohesion

 The connectedness of the grammaticality of a paragraph refers to the grammatical cohesion This can be obtained  or introduced in a paragraph by introducing grammatically cohesive devices. Grammatical cohesion is the relation of grammatical elements that include references, adjunct, substitutions, determiners and conjunctions. They are mentioned below:

Substitution: Normally  pronouns instead of nouns and phrases instead of clauses. 

e.g. She bought a car. I like it .

        They like it and so do I.

Reference: Using who , whose, which where, etc.

e.g.     The man who is sitting under  the tree is my son.

Determiners:  Using the, this, that, these,etc.

e.g. I met a man. The man is very tall.

Sentence conjunctions/connectives:  Using because, although, in order to, if, etc.

e.g. She passed her exam because of her talent.

Sentence adjuncts: Using however, therefore, on the other hand, moreover, furthermore, besides, etc.

e.g .Raju is polite, helpful and generous. Furthermore, he is talented.

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