Writing Paragraph

'Paragraph' has been defined differently by different scholars and authors but the theme carried by these definitions seems to be similar. Some of the definitions have been extracted as below:
     "Paragraph is a distinct section or piece of writing usually consisting of several sentences dealing with a single theme" (Hornby 1996).developed by means of supporting details

     " Paragraph is a unit of information unified by a controlling idea"(Cahplen 1970).

      "A paragraph is a unit of composition in which a central idea is  developed by means of supporting details"(Narayanswami 2000).

      "A paragraph is a group of sentences with unity of purpose. It deals with one distinct aspect or division of subject, and thus forms an integral part of the whole composition"(Dave et. al.1988).

     A paragraph can be defined as a piece of writing in which one's thought as the central idea or controlling idea is developed by means of supporting details. The supporting details can be examples, comparative statements, or other related facts. Every good paragraph should have a controlling idea, to which its sentence are related. A paragraph is regarded as a good one only if the readers can completely understand the of unit of information it contains; and if its central or controlling idea is completely developed by means of appropriate supporting details.
       While producing a paragraph for our purpose, we have to arrange the sentences clarifying the idea so that we can meet our aim of  expressing our thoughts. Coherently organised sentences  clarify the central idea of the paragraph. The sentences that do not relate to the central idea must not be included in the paragraph.

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