Introducing in the following situations

 How would you introduce yourself and to other in the following situations?
ans:-1) You begin to talk with a woman at party.
       M: Hi, my name is Peshal Bastola. I saw you alone and I thought I might talked with you a
      W: Hey, Mr Peshal. I'm glad to meet you. My  name is Sunita Adhikari, Please call me Sunita.
      M: Ok, Sunita. Please call me Peshal. Are you friend  of  Hari?
      W: Of course, I;ve  known him  for two years.
       2)A businessman and businesswoman  are having lunch at a restaurant. She sees a colleague
            come in and  wants to introduce the man to her colleague.
            BW:-----yeah, roasted meat is tasty. Hey, that is Bikram Thapa. I think you know him, don't                               you?
             BM; No, I have never met him.
             BW: Well, then. Let's go over and i'll introduce you.
             BW: Bikram !How are you doing long time no see.
             B   :  Rita! What a surprise seeing you here?
             BW:  Bikram, this is Hari Sharan, my husband. Harisharan, he is Bikram, please call him                               Bikram.
             B :   OK, Harisharan, nice to meet you.
             BM: Nice to meet you, Bikram. Please, call me Harisharan

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