Trekking in Nepal

We take great pleasure to welcome you to the Himalayan country of Nepal –Land of mythical  beauty, historical   place,  and people  of different castes  and of  beautiful art.  Trek Nepal has been bringing together  group of explorers from all over the world. Trek Nepal tours  are designed for international travelers, so you are guaranteed to trekking with like minded people of same   races.  While trekking, most awe exhilarating  and iconic trek takes us  to the world famous Sherpas, Rai, Gurung, the culture, life style,Hindus and Buddhism temples.  We have created  a synoptic  network of support facilities  all the way of trekking. All of our team members are familiar with nature and the culture of Nepal with  most having grown up in the Himalaya. One always finds people on the trekking trails and there is an abundance of information as to trekking routes and directions. Hill people are traditionally very generous  and this adds pleasure to trekking in the Himalayas more than anywhere else.   We are committed on environmental friendly  trekking activities  and we take pride in doing our part to preserve the natural beauty, respect the way of life of host community, and their local culture and heritage.  It has  been established as the premier service provider for adventure holidays in Nepal.  Our  clients' safety, security, comfort and satisfaction are supreme  importance to us. We strive to ensure that each experience with us is fulfilling and memorable. We provide the utmost care for every client  including ensuring adequate altitude acclimatization and provisions for carefully prepared food in camps. Our cheerful porters, capable support crews, expert trekking guides and dedicated tour operators ensure that  your every need is catered  to.  With year round departure our small group holidays let you see and do more than you ever dreamed possible, and guarantee the freedom of the open road and the adventure of a lifetime. Most of the trekkers prefer  foot trekking but  if you want some like different  trekking (bicycle trekking, bike  trekking)  then  we will also arrange that for you; we want totally  your satisfaction  and we  guarantee  for that.  Trekking in Nepal  is the dream of adventure lovers. Nepal’s  glorious mountains, plummeting rivers, deep forests and jungles have drawn adventure seekers for many years. Today they continue to offer challenges and pleasure to hikers, mountain climbers. But you don’t need to be an athlete or mountain climber to enjoy the wonders of this amazing country. There are so many possible destinations and styles of trekking that first time trekkers  can easily find a trek to suit their level of fitness, their schedule and their budget. 
There are different areas for trekking in Nepal. They are:-
1.  Trekking in Annapurna Region     
2.  Trekking in Langtang Region   
3.  Trekking in The Restricted Areas 
4.  Trekking in Eastern Region   
5.  Everest Three Pass Trek
6.  Trekking in Everest Region
7.  Everest Marathon     
8.  Ruby valley Trekking
9.  The Great Himalaya Trail Trekking
10.  Trekking in western region
Trekking means  to regenerate one's own self-esteem,  to rediscover oneself, to appreciate Nepal's beauty, to interact with its hospitable and friendly people;  and  are some of its  highlights. Trekking is one long-term activity that draws repeat visitors to the country. Therefore, Nepal is the ultimate destination for the  trekking  enthusiast. It offers  an  innumerable  of possibilities  -  from the 'short and easy' walking excursions to the 'demanding and  strenuous' challenges of the snowy peaks and their foothills and valleys. Trekking is the gift of Nepal to the world in adventure tourism.                                         

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