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  • A group, especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental : Avant-garde
  • Land that does not grow anything : Barren
  • A bunch of flowers : Bouquet
  • A rowdy crowd : Rabble/mob
  • The act of spying : Espionage
  • A morbid fear of enclosed spaces : Claustrophobia
  • People outside a church, temple, or mosque : Congregation
  • A building for loading soldiers : Barracks
  • Line of beds in a school/college especially for students
  • An official bulletin : Communique
  • Something very bright and colorful : Flamboyant
  • A place where one lives permanently : Domicile
  • A language that is not longer in use : Dead language
  • A number of ships : Fleet
  • A list of books : Catalogue
  • One who eats too much : Glutton
  • A well experienced person : Veteran
  • That which is out dated or out of fashion : Obsolete
  • One who entertains  his/her guests well : Hospitable
  • Compulsory enlistment in the army : Conscription
  • A wide-open view : Panorama
  • Study of birds : Ornithology
  • A very lazy person, having no tendency to work : Maladroit
  • One who has special skill in judging art, music etc. : Connoisseur
  • A lover of books : Bibliophile
  • One who sells sweets and pastries : Confectioner
  • One who cures eye diseases : Oculist
  • One who deals in cattle : Drover 
  • One who cuts precious stones : Lapidist
  • One who settles in another country : Immigrant
  • One who carves stones : Sculptor
One word substitution is the most important part of any type of competitive exams. This will helps to get good marks in every exam.

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