The reason there is so little happiness in the world

The reason there is so little happiness in the world  is dependency. And this is the irony- because happiness is not dependent on  'anything' or found  'anywhere'.
    Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept  everyone as they  are. That means an end to complaining and blaming, an end to criticizing and controlling, and an end to competing with anyone. 
  It is only when we choose thoughts and feelings aligned with our true state of purity, peace and love that we shift from asking  to sharing; holding on to letting  go; expectations to acceptance; the past and the future  to begin in the now. We create a life of joy, contentment  and bliss, because we have the choice and the power. Happiness is a decision.
  Why is so much emphasis laid on happiness as a topic?
Attaining happiness has been the most common human pursuit as we build our lives. In who we are, what we do, where we go, how we perform- the bottom line has been to seek and experience happiness. Discussing it as a topic helps us to understand the emotion in its entirety, so as to create real and lasting happiness.
 we are looking for happiness ,but what is it through which we are looking for it?
 The channels through which most of us look for happiness is interesting. It ranges from position, possessions, property, relationships, health and so on . Today if you ask someone what they want in life, they say success. But they want success essentially because they believe it makes happy.  Likewise, ask them why they own or purchase material comfort, and the most likely response is that it makes them or their family happy. And the biggest reason people get into relationships today is to get that sense of happiness from the other person. So, Finally everyone is looking for just that one feeling- happiness. 

'Remember your true self. You are more than just flesh and bones; you are unlimited energy and power. Knowing this, you will understand why happiness and prosperity are your birth right.'
-Stephen Richards


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