Ignore All The Reasons Why You Can't Do Something And Focus On Why You Can

Ignore The Reasons You Can't Do Something

Do you often dwell on the reasons why you can't do something? You might contemplate why you will never get a better job or be a loving relationship, improve your health or otherwise.

By dwelling on these things, we become convinced of their truth. But you mustn't let your thoughts dictate your reality, because you have the power to change and guide your future.

I realize it may not always seem that way, especially if you are plagued by constant problems and setbacks. It is confusing when you are trying to change your life and keep experiencing resistance.

When you have a strong enough reason to achieve a goal, a purpose, or a dream, there is nothing that can stop you from realizing it. If our vision is weak, any setback or challenge becomes an impediment towards the realization of our goals. We will focus on the obstacle, not realizing it is showing us the way forward. Challenges awaken our dormant potential to achieve our goals.

Is this something you can identify with? Simply nod to acknowledge you have been down this path of resistance. Giving up is not be the answer because regret has a way of reminding us what we've lost instead of gained.

So how can we achieve that which burns deep in our heart? How can we move past the obstacles and challenges to achieve our desires? It lies in developing the resiliency to keep going in the face of defeat. It requires ignoring the reasons you can't do something and placing your focus on why you can.

The mind has an inherent negativity bias that evolutionary psychologists believe is part of the brain's biological structure. The negativity overpowers us and we don't realize it is a warning light alerting us to something that needs our attention. It is not intended to stop us but to show us we are getting closer to our goals.

Sometimes, we face criticism from loved ones who remind us we can't achieve something because no one has ever achieved it in our family. They might tell you it's impossible and not to think big or aim high.

Soon enough, you buy into this false narrative because if repeated often enough, it convinces you of its truth. But it takes a certain individual to go against this form of criticism and forge ahead.

Think Endless Possibilities

It is difficult when those you love are against you; when they should stand alongside you. But you needn't convince other people of your dreams or vision. You need only to be certain of your future and not let anyone or anything stop you from achieving it.

When you achieve your goals, your loved ones, friends and co-workers will congratulate you on not giving up. They will laud you and associate their name with you. But you're not doing it for the attention. You're not doing it to gain applause, acclaim, or notoriety. You're pursuing what makes you come alive. That which stirs your soul and drives the reason you set out to pursue your goal or dream.

People like you are visionaries who seek a future filled with possibilities. It doesn't matter that you don't know how it will come about because that is part of the journey. What matters is that you don't give up on your dreams.

What really matters is that you keep going in the face of resistance, obstacles and challenges. Visionaries have existed throughout history and were it not for them, our lives would be empty without their influence.

Visionaries have been repressed, victimized, tormented, ridiculed and told they will never succeed. This only made them more ambitious and tenacious to achieve their vision. These types of people crave to express a desire from their deepest soul.

They are committed to create a new reality borne out of creativity and vision. So, I ask you: are you one of these visionaries? You needn't be acting on the international stage to be a visionary but working locally; affecting change on a smaller scale. Never underestimate the impact your actions can have on those around you. You may be the very person who can change people's lives in ways you will never imagine.

So, what are the reasons you can't do something right now? Is it lack of talent? Is it fear? Is it something else? Whatever it is, acknowledge it because it is revealing something important to you. Acknowledge the resistance and as Susan Jeffers' title of her book reads: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

Accept your fears, doubts and worries and take action. Step into the arena and work away at your goals until you achieve them. You might meet with objection and laughter along the way. Those people aren't necessarily horrible people, but sent from the universe to test how committed you are to your goals.

Knowing this, I invite you to list five reasons why you CAN achieve a current goal or purpose. Think with no limitations holding you back. Think endless possibilities and entertain the idea it can and will happen, as long as you don't give up. Because if you ignore all the reasons what you can't do something and focus on why you can, you will meet your future in the most unexpected hour.

Thanks for reading.

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