Help your subscribers target the right audience on Facebook Ads and lower their Ad Spend

 AdSightPro Explorer leverages the latest data from Facebook to find hidden interests that can be targeted on Facebook and Instagram Ads. It’s Facebook approved and includes a slick easy to use interface that makes Facebook Ads Targeting a breeze. 

A brand new new Facebook Advertising  software just went Live. It's going to completely transform the way you do Facebook advertising. How?

Facebook’s Ad Manager doesn't show it's advertisers all of it's best data. In fact if you use Facebook’s Ad Manager to find audiences you're immediately at a disadvantage. Because when you advertise and you target “general” audiences. Then you're competing against everyone else.

Your ad costs shoot up and the quality of people presented with your ad goes down. In short: When you use Facebook Ad Manager for targeting you're probably losing money on your campaigns. This means it becomes very difficult to run a profitable ad campaign on Facebook. AdSightPro Explorer is The SOLUTION:

AdSightPro Explorer plugs into a special backdoor within Facebook's system that allows you to get access to Facebook's very best targeting data.

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This combined with a number of specifically programmed search algorithms that deliver the very best targeting audiences FAST. Means that AdSightPro Explorer makes Facebook advertising easier than ever before. You can immediately: 

- Tap into Facebook's very best data

- Uncover hidden audiences that your competition doesn't know about

- Save thousands in Ad costs and testing

Even if you've struggled with advertising in the past AdSightPro Explorer gives you a leg up over your competition. All while providing you the very best data you can use in your own business or clients businesses to profit. Take a closer look at this incredible software here now


Limited & General Audience

Facebook shows only 25 targetable interests when you search for a keyword.   

It gets even worse. Anyone who searches for that keyword will see the same 25 interests and hence very high competition. Which means Higher CPC & Lower ROAS.


AdSightPro shows 100s of hidden hyper-targeted interests

Get 100s of hyper-targeted interests you can target in your Facebook Ads.

Since these interests are not available to general Facebook Advertisers, you get an unfair advantage over them to bypass the competition and generate highly profitable Facebook Ads.

When you target interests poorly less people click on your ads. When Facebook sees that less people are clicking on your ads it means that your ads are hurting peoples user experience. So what Facebook does is it increases the price you pay for clicks.If you want to avoid getting less clicks and Facebook charging you more for clicks within Facebook you need target your audiences correctly.

Problem is that Facebook’s system for targeting is extremely limited and many of the tools out on the market right now don’t provide you with the information that you need. 

Within minutes filter your audiences and drill down to find your customers

Facebook is very picky about how they allow to use their data. In fact most tools on the market use Facebook’s regular API. These tools can get some additional Facebook data but not enough to really help with targeting.

So we decided to build a tool that would allow us to get this data, then went through a lengthy approval process with Facebook to get access to their very best interests and behavioural data.

And for the first time we’re now making this Facebook approved tool available to the public so that ANYONE can access Facebook’s very best private interests and behavioural data within one easy to access dashboard.

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars every month trying to target their audiences using Facebook Ads. 

You can send them the exact audiences they should be targeting and charge them for the data. 

AdSightPro offers commercial rights so you can sell the data you grab from AdSightPro and use it when you run ads for your clients

You are covered by 60 days, no questions asked money-back guarantee if you feel that AdSightPro is not helping you increase your return on ad spend.

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