Parts of an Essay

 An essay is a piece of composition which has well-defined parts of own. They are introduction or the beginning, body or the middle pan the conclusion or ending. Each part plays a vital role to make the essay complete and well written. Although these three parts have their own role, they are completely inter-related. In other words, there must be unity, coherence and cohesion in the whole writing. These parts are mentioned here below:

5.1.1 Introduction or the Beginning

Introduction is the first part of the essay. It simply introduces the subject matter by giving general introduction to the topic. It should be arresting and pertinent to the subject. The introduction can consist of a definition a proverb or or a quotation or general statement and so on. The main purpose of the introduction is to arrest or draw the attention of the reader. It provides keynotes to the readers. Generally it should be short. The Opening sentence should be short impressive and aphoristic. It is said that the introduction should be clear, simple, complete and impressive e effective to give the exact account of the subject.

5.1.2 Body or the Middle Part

This is the second and the most important part of the essay. In this part the writer elaborates the subject matter. Illustrations, descriptions or elaborations of the supporting details of the central idea or theme should be given after the introduction. It contains appropriate facts, anecdotes, figures, examples, logic and so on what are needed to clarify the subject matter. This is also called the discussion part. In this part, coherence has to be well maintained because the description should follow the particular order according to the requirement.

There can be more than one paragraph. The main headings can be divided into subheadings. The main headings should be elaborated in different paragraphs. It is said that only one main heading should be planed in one paragraph. The sub-headings should be explained logically and naturally. The writer's opinions, experiences, reasons should be described here. The body or the middle part of the essay is complete within itself, too, because everything is clearly mentioned here.

           Conclusion or the ending

    The interest  the introduction has to arouse should be satisfied by the conclusion. The ending should be satisfied by the conclusion. The ending may contain the  writer's own opinion as the summary of the whole writing too. A good conclusion may consists of the following aspects:

  1. As the summary: The conclusion should express the summing up of the arguments and logic/resaons.
  2. Final conclusion : It is drawn from the whole writing .The ending should be conclusive.
  3. A suitable quotation : A suitable quotation can be mentioned in the conclusion if the quotation can express the central idea of the whole writing.
  4. Ending with the main point: The conclusion should consist of the main points of the whole writing  if the prime role carrying  the central idea clearly and completely 

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