Use laughter as an antidote to stress

 When you laugh you tend to throw away some of your remorseful and unhappy memories. Laughter acts as an antidote to many hidden and suppressed negative feelings conflicts, insecurities etc. In his book, 'Will to be Well-The Real Alternative Medicine', Neville Hodgkinson described the story of Norman Cousins who suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis which affects vertebral column extreme type of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Here is the way in which Cousins used laughter as medicine:-

With his adrenal gland exhausted after an intensely frustrating and demanding visit to the Soviet Union as Chairman of the American delegation considering problems of cultural exchange. (Cousins) was immobilized by an illness in which the connective tissue - collagen in many parts of his body began to become unstuck At the low point of his illness, Cousins jaws were almost locked. He had difficulty in moving his limbs and even turning over in bed. One specialist declared he had only one chance in 500 of making a full recovery. But he rejected that verdict, and with the cooperation of his own physician, set about restoring his City's capacity to halt the continuing breakdown of connective issue. He moved from hospital where he had been subjected to seemingly endless tests, to a hotel room, which was some what more conducive to a positive outlook on life. He stopped taking the pain killers and other drugs prescribed at the hospital and put in that place a systematic programme for making himself laugh .Old Marx brothers films, Candid Cameras, recordings and lumirous books. He also received large blood infusions of Vitamin C. Laughter helped Cousins completely recover,

As this example implies laughter can have therapeutic effects. Whenever appropriate, do laugh, you may also spend sometime reading jokes and comics which make you laugh. Don't resist laughter. Don't think that if you burst out with big laughter others will consider you childish. Without laughter life will become dull and boring. Laughter can bring instantaneous release of stress.

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