Writing Dialogues

 The literal meaning of 'dialogue' is the conversation or talk between two people; but there can be more than two participants or characters in a conversation, involved. Dialogue takes place in real life situations. There must be a topic or subject for a dialogue. We never converse without any purpose. So a dialogue is a conversation or a talk on a topic for a particular purpose between two or among more characters."A dialogue literally means  'talk  between two people."According to Oxford advanced Learner's Dictionary, a dialogue is a conversation or talk. For example:

 (Ram and hari are closed friends and they are talking about  their study.

Ram: I have a great problem with maths. Do you have any, Hari?

Hari: Yes, I can't understand geometry.

Ram: But I think algebra is difficult.

Hari: Don't you have any problem with geometry?

Ram: Perhaps but I'm not sure.

 Hari would you mind helping me with geometry?

Ram: why not.

Hari: thank you.

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