Styles of Letter Writing

 The formats of letter are known as styles. There are various styles of letter writting but following are the co,mmon ones.

1)Indented Style:-This style is traditional. In this style,we write address, date, subscription, name and signature to the right margin of the page slanting from the left to the right. 

For example:

        Address {Kirtipur,

                       {     Kathmandu.

     Date--------->              5th   April  2000.

  Subscription and signature{Sincerly yours,

                                               {  ------------------

                                              {   Rekha Basnet

2Block Style:- In this style, we write address , date, subscription, name  and signature on left or right hand side of the page without intending their form. Traditionally, the above parts in this style are placed on the right hand side of the page, but nowadays they are also placed on left hand  side. In this   style, each part is straight written. For example:

 Newly practiced                                                               Traditional 

Kritipur,                        Address                                       Kritipur,

Kathmandu.                                                                       Kathmandu.

20th june 2000              Date                                                20th june 2000.

 Sincerely yours,            Subscription                                 Sincerely yours,

----------------                   & name                                        ------------------

Rekha Basnet                                                                         Rekha Basnet

Note: Either format can be used. The system of writing the above parts to the left margin of the page is a newly developed and modified format.

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