Let's know in detail about unity,one of the features of a good paragraph.


unity:- A paragraph is a piece of writing in which central or controlling idea is developed by means of supporting details. Every sentence in the paragraph must be closely connected with the topic of the paragraph. All the supporting details should directly be related to the central idea. A paragraph  is said to be badly constructed if it lacks unity.

                 The principle of unity is violated due to three main causes. The causes which lead our paragraph to the violation of the principle of unity are as below:

  1. Unity is violated  when more than one central idea is included in a paragraph, i.e. only one central idea should be introduced and developed.

  2.Unity is also violated when the matter which is enough for only one paragraph is distributed over two or three paragraphs separately.

3. unity is violated by the introduction of irrelevancies and useless expressions.



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